The Marlboro Record

Cardinal Brook Trust makes a difference

Students learn about measuring the air-tightness of the greenhouse, part of the class called Finishing the Greenhouse: Collaborative Research & Action. The Annual Fund is Marlboro’s one source of unrestricted funds from donations, allowing the college to meet expenses that tuition, fees, and other revenues do not cover. It is crucial to the college’s vitality, from offering financial aid to keeping our core academic program strong. It was therefore with great gratitude that Marlboro accepted a donation of $176,000 from the Cardinal Brook Trust, $100,000 of it to go towards the Annual fund goal of $1.4 million.

The remainder was dedicated to continuing marketing initiatives, expanding leadership development opportunities for students, and introducing a solar-powered ventilation system in the greenhouse. The latter will be designed with the help of a class this spring, called Finishing the Greenhouse: Collaborative Research & Action, which is exploring how to make this community space a more effective resource for year-round, farm-related activities. Marlboro thanks the Cardinal Brook Trust for supporting these crucial areas of Marlboro’s learning community.