The Marlboro Record

New Staff

Marlboro was pleased to welcome Matt Livingston as the new director of graduate admissions in January. Matt comes to Marlboro with a diversity of experience, having worked for 18 years in the insurance industry as well as in the role of bartender, cab driver, ski instructor, and search and rescue volunteer, golf course manager, snow-cat operator, and more. “I've always liked staying busy and exploring all different types of work, and have always liked acquiring new skills,” said Matt, who first came to Marlboro as a student in the MAT in Teaching for Social Justice program. “My interest in being a part of the Marlboro community stemmed from my direct experience as a student and my observations of the way in which this organization communicated with itself and with others. My respect for this group of people has only grown in my time as a member of the community.” Matt believes that the graduate school has spent its first 17 years figuring out “how to become itself.” “This next phase of life will see it rise to its deserved place of prominence in graduate-level higher education.”