The Marlboro Record

Alumni Challenge Reaches Half Way Point

How do you find new alumni donors? Give their donation an extra boost. The Alumni Trustee Challenge is a way to leverage the generosity of alumni on the board of trustees to entice as many as 100 more donors. For each new or returning alumni donor, donating any amount, the trustees are contributing an extra $100. Already 55 alumni donors have responded to the challenge since last fall.

“The thing I love about Marlboro alumni is how much they have valued their college experience,” said Kathy Waters, alumni director. “I hear stories every day about how Marlboro has changed people’s lives. The Alumni Trustee Challenge is a way to pay that gratitude forward, with interest, and support the diverse activities that make this campus so vibrant.”

The generous alumni trustees who have made this challenge possible are John Chan ’82, Dena Davis ’72, Gretchen Holbrook Gerzina ’72, Elizabeth Doyle Glenshaw ’81, Bobbi Hahn ’91, Peter Mallary ’76, Kirsten Newcomer ’82, Dean Nicyper ’76, Marta Willgoose ’01, and Peter Zamore ’74 (pictured, with student). The campaign will run through June 2015, or until the goal of engaging 100 new or returning alumni donors is reached.