The Marlboro Record

Marlboro Events Take California

“I have been so impressed by my daughter's experience as a student at Marlboro College,” said trustee Kirsten Malone, who hosted one of four admissions and alumni gatherings in California this spring. “She and her friends at Marlboro are engaged, interesting, insightful, and committed to their academic journey.” 

Kirsten, her husband Colin Chapman, and their daughter Marlboro senior Gretchen Chapman welcomed the families of prospective students, graduates, and parents into their Palo Alto home for a warm and relaxed dinner. It was one of four such events conducted in California, all of them attended by Ellen McCulloch-Lovell, Marlboro president, Kathy Waters, alumni director, and Alexia Boggs ’13, admissions counselor.

“People said that Marlboro set the bar for the rest of their lives, that they learned how to make decisions for themselves and have built their lives on that ever since,” said Kathy. In addition to the admissions event at the Malone-Chapman home, there was an alumni luncheon and reception for prospective students in Santa Monica, and an alumni reception in San Francisco that drew 33 alumni.