The Marlboro Record

Partnership with Snelling Center provides pathway to leadership

Last October, Marlboro College announced a partnership with the Snelling Center for Government to introduce three new graduate level courses in leadership, public policy, and community engagement. Based on learning from the Snelling Center’s Vermont Leadership Institute, and available to VLI participants for credit, the courses are now incorporated into Marlboro’s Master of Science in Management–Mission Driven Organizations (MSM-MDO) program. 

“Marlboro and the Snelling Center share a commitment to educating ethical, informed, and thoughtful leaders, dedicated to the advancement of the public good,” said Sean Conley, associate dean of graduate and professional studies at Marlboro. “This partnership goes a long way toward achieving that goal.”

The Snelling Center created the Vermont Leadership Institute (VLI) in 1995 to stimulate citizen enthusiasm for and participation in public service. Marlboro College has designed three graduate courses built on the foundation of the VLI learning experience and augmented by related coursework. The three courses are titled Emotional Intelligence for Leaders, Public Policy and Systems Change in Vermont, and Collaboration and Change.

Through this new partnership, graduate credit will be made available to all VLI participants, whether or not they are matriculated degree students at Marlboro. The new courses in turn make a valuable addition to the MSM-MDO program, allowing students to develop the leadership to achieve their organizational missions for the ultimate benefit of society.

“It is so refreshing to be in a group of committed Vermont citizens who are so engaged in learning about issues and policies affecting Vermonters,” said Kathy Urffer, associate registrar for graduate and professional studies at Marlboro. Kathy was one of 24 students selected for the VLI program this year. “It has provided a profound exploration of what it means to be a servant leader and has personally challenged me to grow at the edges of my comfort zones.”