The Marlboro Record

Scholarships at Marlboro, 2013-14

Each year scholarships funded by generous donors recognize the unique gifts that students bring to the Marlboro College community. The profiles below are followed by a complete list of scholarship recipients for the 2013-14 academic year.

“Marlboro College has changed my life,” said Theresa Chockbengboun, who was awarded the George Alden Trust Scholarship this year. “This place is unlike any other because it is an institution that promotes independence and self-discovery.” Theresa’s Plan of Concentration is in biology and public health with an emphasis on Southeast Asia, including fieldwork in Cambodia analyzing water quality in rural villages and another project in Thailand exploring local health trends based on community concerns. “What intrigues me about public health is its philosophy to promote and protect the health of populations. I hope my study will broaden and open my mind to the challenges we will face globally in the years to come. I have hopes of becoming a health professional that is open minded, selfless, and always looking for ways to give back to the community.”

“I have always been drawn to the open-endedness that is allowed within the arts,” said senior Patrick Lancaster, who was awarded the Wolf Kahn Scholarship. “The way one person can read something entirely different into an image than the person before, or even the artist for that matter. I often try to play off this sort of ambiguity with my own work, and that is what I find so exciting.” Patrick is predominantly interested in photography, but his work carries over into collage, painting, and various other mixed media, and he has a strong interest in the theory around art and art criticism. “Marlboro is a lot less competitive than I imagine other schools are, and you really have full access to all the resources you need. That makes for a really constructive environment for an artist.”

“I was so honored and excited that I got the Windham Community Scholarship,” said freshman Britte Cornish. “I had just passed the writing requirement, so the scholarship was like icing on the cake.” Britte’s main academic interests are environmental science, art, world studies, and linguistics. “I gravitate towards areas of study that I feel very passionate about. Conservation and the environment are very important to me, and art has always been a way for me to express myself—in those moments of making art I feel happiest. Traveling and learning to speak other languages also excites me and motivates me to work hard.” Britt finds that Marlboro is a perfect example of putting hard work into something to get more out of it. “Marlboro is great because each student gets to create their own academic journey.”

“The ‘good old days’ of the 40s and 50s were actually quite skewed, and the federal government was largely responsible for that,” said senior David Amato, who was awarded the Robert Sheldon Stainton Scholarship. “The development of metropolitan areas provides telling evidence.” David’s Plan of Concentration in American studies focuses on the ways in which post-World War II culture and politics affected racial and economic inequality through housing policy. “Generally I'm interested in writing and arguing; studying history has increased my ability to do both.” In one paper, David explores how postwar policies and culture affected southern Vermont, using Marlboro College as a case study. “I show how the state was opened up by tourism, highway development, and the GI Bill to more affluent segments of Americans, and how these processes worked to create a commodified idea of ‘Vermont.’” The Robert Sheldon Stainton Scholarship was created by Margaret Stainton in honor of her husband in 1973. Both of them were parents of Robert T. Stainton, class of 1954, who still takes an active interest in Marlboro College. 

The George I. Alden Trust supports scholarships to older students who have returned to school and to students who show promise of excellence in the natural sciences. Older student: Anna Blackburn; Natural Sciences: Bryon Musante, Theresa Chockbengboun

The Robert Sheldon Stainton Scholarship is awarded annually to an upper-class student for academic achievement and community service. David Amato

The Warren R. Sisson Scholarship is also awarded annually to an upper-class student for academic achievement and community service. Alex Bobella

M. Brenn Greene Scholarships are awarded through the generosity of the late trustee, Brenn Greene. Amee Latour, Alison Wu, Marcos Wu

Thomas Thompson Trust Scholarships are awarded to Windham County residents. Phoebe Lumley, Daniel Zagal

Christopher Boeth Scholarships are given to juniors or seniors whose Plans of Concentration are in the field of literature or writing, and who have demonstrated a gift for and an appreciation of the usage of language. Emma Thacker, Molly Booth, Angelique Krohn, Haley Peters, John Pennington

Jean Crosby Markham Scholarships are given to juniors or seniors who best exemplify the grit and determination needed to complete his or her education. Ian Hitchcock, Nick Daou

Lillian Farber Scholarships are given to juniors or seniors whose Plans of Concentration demonstrate a passion for social justice. Kara Hamilton, Clair Maleney, Gabrielle Leidy, Nathan Kohmeier

Agnes M. Lindsay Trust Scholarships are given annually by the faculty to students from New England towns with populations of under 15,000. Clair Trail

Wolf Kahn Scholarships are awarded annually to juniors or seniors who demonstrate talent in the visual arts. Patrick Lancaster

Windham Community Scholarships are awarded annually to freshmen or sophomores from Vermont who in the opinion of the faculty demonstrate exceptional potential for upper-level academic work. Britte Cornish, Cassie Anderson, Malachie Reilly

The John Kenneth Galbraith Scholarship is awarded annually to a student who shows the promise of excellence in the fields of literature, economics or social policy. Patrick Magee