The Marlboro Record

New staff

Marlboro was pleased to welcome Brigid Lawler as the new dean of admissions in September. Brigid came to Marlboro with six years of leadership positions in admissions at the University of Baltimore, most recently as director of undergraduate admission. She has worked for nearly 20 years in secondary and higher education administration, but also has another life as a pastry artist certified by the Institute of Culinary Education in New York. She is delighted to be at Marlboro, where admissions can be a face-to-face process. “Marlboro College has a compelling case to make to prospective students, and I am excited to be in the position to make that case,” says Brigid. “While data sets and demographic profiles are necessary, they cannot replace the value of an honest conversation when recruiting someone to a place like Marlboro.”

Xenia Markowitt Pedone joined Marlboro as new dean of students in July 29. Selected from a competitive field of candidates, Xenia brings many experiences and talents to Marlboro College. She was most recently associate dean for campus life at New York University Abu Dhabi, a new campus of 450 international students, where she helped to found the Student Affairs division in the liberal arts tradition. She also served at Dartmouth College for 13 years, where she became director of the Center for Women and Gender in the Office of Pluralism and Leadership. “Marlboro College’s empowerment of students to take on the responsibility of their own education is rare,” said Xenia. “It makes for innovative student-centered education, in and out of the classroom, for which Student Life can be an engaged partner in learning.”