The Marlboro Record

New trustees

“I had been actively looking for an opportunity to serve on a board, and when asked if I’d be interested in being an alumni trustee I knew immediately that my passion for Marlboro would be the perfect fit,” said Roberta ‘Bobbi’ Hahn ’91, who joined the board in May. Bobbi was re-inspired by Marlboro when she helped promote enrollment and giving to Marlboro in New York City. “As I reconnected with Alumni and met prospective students, parents, and potential donors I was reminded of how much Marlboro had impacted my own life.” Bobbi serves as director of operations for National Urban Fellows, which trains professionals of all ethnic and racial backgrounds, particularly people of color and women, to be leaders and change agents in the public and nonprofit sectors. She has an operations and systems-thinking approach to work, which will be an asset to a board focused on continuous improvement and mission. “As a nonprofit leader and entrepreneur, I believe that my experience could help students leverage their Marlboro experience in the ‘real’ world,” continued Bobbi. “At the same time I know I will become a better professional as I learn and am inspired by the passion of Marlboro students.”  I was immediately impressed with the thinking and skills represented on Marlboro's Board and am honored to be counted as one of them.

“Over the years I’ve reflected on my Marlboro education and its value,” said Marta Willgoose ’01, who also joined the board of trustees this spring with a desire to contribute to the stewardship of the college’s future. “I benefitted from having truly engaged professors, inspired peers, and a community that believed in dialogue and democracy. Marlboro’s future holds many gifts for the world at large and I am honored to be part of it.” Marta is vice president of communications for United Cerebral Palsy of New York City, where she crafts stories central to the organization’s mission: to create opportunities for people with disabilities to lead independent and fulfilling lives. Prior to entering the nonprofit world, worked in human resources at the global architecture and design firm Hellmuth Obata + Kassabaum. “I hope to leverage my professional strengths in marketing, communications, and organizational development to serve Marlboro’s mission,” continued Marta. “I look forward to helping raise the visibility of the college and to drawing more interested students to campus. As the youngest alumni trustee, I have faith that my voice will add a new and rich layer to an already diverse conversation.” Marta is confident that Marlboro will continue to provide the same inspiring and “intimate landscape of learning” that she experienced for many years to come. “With Marlboro nurturing curious minds, the liberal arts will remain alive and at their best.” 

“The Marlboro Board of Trustees is a very diverse group and I think including a parent is important because parents experience the school in a very unique way,” said Kirsten Malone, who joined as a parent trustee this year. She runs her own design firm in Palo Alto, California, but has spent hours on the phone with her daughter, senior Gretchen Chapman, listening to everything she loves about Marlboro. “I have been so impressed by my daughter's experience as a student at Marlboro College. She and her friends at Marlboro are engaged, interesting, insightful, and committed to their academic journey.” In addition to running Kirsten Malone Design LLD, specializing in residential interiors, Kirsten has led fundraising efforts for the Palo Alto Unified School District, the Palo Alto Foundation for Education, and several private schools in the Bay Area. She looks forward to applying her strengths in this area to benefit Marlboro’s future. “I hope that Marlboro College grows it's enrollment to a sustainable size so that more students can experiencing the academic excellence, deep exploration of ideas, and commitment to clearly articulating intellectual and artistic concepts, that my daughter has experienced for the last three years as a student there. I also hope that the Marlboro becomes better known as the intellectually demanding school that it is.”