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The Value of Top-Rated Professors

What makes the Marlboro College experience worthwhile? The answer is education that lasts a lifetime, such as learning how to learn, to solve problems, to communicate clearly, and much more, as I have asserted in many forums*. We could also answer with one word: teaching. I am pleased to report that Marlboro was ranked number one nationally for “Professors Get High Marks” in The Princeton Review’s 2014 edition of The Best 378 Colleges.

The college is regularly featured in this authoritative guide and typically receives an overall academic rating of 99, Princeton Review’s highest rating. This year the focus on professors’ top ranking highlights our emphasis on teaching. We’ve always known that inspired teaching is Marlboro’s distinction. The faculty also serve a substantial role in governing this intellectual and creative community. It is rewarding to see the college’s attention to intense academics, democratic community life, and individualized learning recognized in this national forum, especially since the ratings are based on our students’ comments.

At Marlboro we believe that students should invest in their whole lives, not only as future employees but as members of the human family and as citizens. Marlboro students do not merely learn how to “do” a job; they also “become” a person engaged with the world. They benefit greatly by committing themselves to the college years of curiosity, inquiry, and discovery, and by having dedicated and engaging teachers as their mentors in that process. 

Marlboro is pleased to continue our tradition of academic excellence by hiring new faculty who put teaching first, like our new anthropology professor Rebekah Park. We can expect continued positive ratings from Princeton Review, Colleges That Change Lives, and other college search resources consulted by prospective students and their families.


Ellen McCulloch-Lovell

* Most recently at a Gallup Education Conference titled Aiming at Career and Life Wellbeing.