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Marlboro alumna and trustee Dena Davis ’72 has been an outspoken advocate of the value of a Marlboro education in two recent nationally published letters. In a March 17 letter to the editor of The New York Times, Dena wrote, “As a complement to the federal scorecard for college costs, I suggest a ‘core card,’ to help prospective students and parents figure out where their fees are actually going.”

The Presidential Endowed Chair in Health/Humanities at Lehigh University, Dena referred to an editorial promoting the new federal “scorecard” as a way to make information for college decisions more accessible and accurate. She responded with the suggestion to make college expenditures more transparent, so students can see how much each college devotes to its core academic mission rather than toward administration, athletics, housing, dining, etc.

Dena’s NYT letter follows a February letter to the editor of The Chronicle of Higher Education, on the same subject. “At Marlboro College we eschew luxury dorms and expensive athletics, but we have a terrific library and a one-to-six faculty/student ratio,” she wrote. “We dedicate 48 percent of our expenditure to instruction and academic support, significantly higher than the national average. As a parent seeking ‘bang for the buck,’ that’s the kind of scorecard that would interest me.”