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Scholarships at Marlboro, 2012-13

Each year scholarships funded by generous donors recognize the unique gifts that students bring to the Marlboro College community. The profiles below are followed by a complete list of scholarship recipients for the 2012-13 academic year.

“Receiving the M. Brenn Green Scholarship is a hefty weight off my shoulders,” said junior Patrick Magee. “Even though it’s a small portion of my total tuition, the scholarship is golden reassurance that I am someplace that wants me.” Patrick’s Plan of Concentration is in economics and American studies, with a focus on critiquing orthodox economic methodology and reporting on farm legislation and small-farmer movements. “I think lasting change in America’s state of farming will begin with an analytical shift in where the economic story begins,” he said. “The government’s aggregate view of economics results in “efficiency” becoming the bottom-line— and for mainstream economists and politicians that means mechanization and cheapness at the expense of energy independency, small farmers, and people’s connection to their food.”

“Marlboro isn’t a good place for indifference,” said junior Anna Blackburn, who was awarded the Thomas Thompson Trust Scholarship and is focusing on writing and contemplative studies. “I get to study what I most love, work closely with teachers I admire, and design classes around my passions,” she said. “And because mostly everyone is engaged in, or discovering, work that's personally fascinating, there's a real spirit of enthusiasm and curiosity.” Anna writes poetry, short fiction and literary nonfiction, and wants to explore the ways writing can be a contemplative art. “I've loved to write ever since I learned to write, and it's exciting to be considering the ways the practice of writing relates to other activities that make me awake to my experience and more present in the world.”

“Throughout my college experience, it's always been a matter of balancing a full course load with at least three jobs on and off campus,” said Cameron Cobane, a senior who is married and older than most of his peers. “Marlboro’s ability to recognize and respond to my individual need, as it has done in offering me the Jean Crosby Markham Scholarship, is fantastic.” Cameron’s Plan of Concentration explores the cultural attachment to revenge in drama and public policy, looking to Shakespeare for lessons on breaking cycles of harm. “Why do we so often conflate justice with violent reprisal?” he said. “Shakespeare's works provide beautiful and terrifying clues as to why our culture seems to identify vengeance as a noble or natural response to harm, rather than reparation or redemption.”

“It is definitely inspiring to hear that I’m doing well from an outside source, and it makes me want to live up to those expectations,” said sophomore Claire Trail, who was awarded the Windham County Scholarship. Claire is planning on studying whole system sustainability, using agriculture as a focal point to explore how to feed the world population equitably. “My theory is that changing to a sustainable way of life will actually improve people’s wellbeing through healthier diet, greater sense of community and more jobs,” she said. Claire enjoys engaging with professors who are so enthusiastic about their disciplines. “Having such brilliant, inspiring, teachers, who seem to be in love with their field, makes every class so incredibly interesting that it’s almost difficult to choose what to focus on.”

The George I. Alden Trust supports two scholarships given annually, one to an older student who has returned to school and the other to a student who shows promise of excellence in the natural sciences. Michael McIvor, Scott Weaver, Allison Wu

The Robert Sheldon Stainton Scholarship is awarded annually to an upper-class student for academic achievement and community service. Alexia Boggs, Casey Chalbeck

The Warren R. Sisson Scholarship is also awarded annually to an upper-class student for academic achievement and community service. David Amato

M. Brenn Greene Scholarships are awarded through the generosity of the late trustee, Brenn Greene. Emily Cox, Mairead Delaney, Patrick Magee, William Manning, Marcus Wu

Thomas Thompson Trust Scholarships are awarded to Windham County residents. Eric Dennis, Anna Blackburn

Christopher Boeth Scholarships are given to juniors or seniors whose Plans of Concentration are in the field of literature or writing, and who have demonstrated a gift for and an appreciation of the usage of language. Nikki Haug, Aleksandrs Jaunzemis, Sean Pyles

Jean Crosby Markham Scholarships are given to juniors or seniors who best exemplify the grit and determination needed to complete his or her education. Cameron Cobane, Isaac Dupree

Lillian Farber Scholarships are given to juniors or seniors whose Plans of Concentration demonstrate a passion for social justice. Taylor Burrows, Cailin Marsden

Agnes M. Lindsay Trust Scholarships are given annually by the faculty to students from New England towns with populations of under 15,000. Chester Harper, Michael Sirois

Wolf Kahn Scholarships are awarded annually to juniors or seniors who demonstrate talent in the visual arts. Ashley Gray, Edward White

Windham Community Scholarships are awarded annually to freshmen or sophomores from Vermont who in the opinion of the faculty demonstrate exceptional potential for upper-level academic work. Claire Trail, Eva Grimaldi

The John Kenneth Galbraith Scholarship is awarded annually to a student who shows the promise of excellence in the fields of literature, economics or social policy. Raven Hetzler