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Incoming Class Big in Experience

In August, Marlboro welcomed 69 new and multi-talented students to campus, including 50 first-years and 19 transfers. They range in age from 17 to 30 years old, and hale from states across the country including California, Indiana, Texas, Rhode Island, Ohio and Virginia. Forty-four percent came from New England, including eight students from Vermont—as close as Putney. The incoming class also includes three international students, two from Korea and one from England with dual citizenship in Nigeria, as well as our second exchange student from Slovakia. 

Eight students are “legacies,” or have a relationship with alumni, including one student whose parent attended our graduate program. Our new students impressed the Admissions staff with their accomplishments and they include two veterans, three Phi Theta Kappa scholars, a volunteer firefighter, two debate team coaches, a student who spent their gap year hiking the Appalachian Trail, a published poet, a hitchhiker who traveled 5,000 miles, a fundraiser who amassed $25,000 to build a library in Kenya, a National Classical League bronze and silver prize winner and a beekeeper. The Marlboro community is richer for this diversity of experiences and talents, and the individuals who bring them.