By the Numbers

Fundraising Report

As the end of the fiscal—and fundraising—year approached, Marlboro College was reaching out in several targeted ways to encourage philanthropic support. The urgency of the college’s Annual Fund was of utmost importance with only weeks remaining to reach the goal of $1.5 million. A more complete report of fundraising results will be made available, after all the numbers are totted up, in the Winter 2015 issue of the Marlboro Record.

Major gift support received thus far during fiscal year 2015 reveals a diverse donor base and the broad impact of philanthropy on the Marlboro community. Some highlights include: a gift of $250,000 from Jerry and Nancy Kohlberg in honor of the presidential transition; major support for the graduate school’s nonprofit management program from the TD Charitable Foundation ($10,000) and the A. D. Henderson Foundation ($50,000); a bequest of $100,000 from the estate of former faculty member Willene Clark to establish an endowed faculty research fund; significant gifts of stock from alumni parents, friends of the college, and former faculty ($2.82 million total); and, leadership gifts for the Annual Fund from trustees, alumni, parents, and former faculty.

“Marlboro on the Road” has been a well-received and attended series of outreach events around the U.S. (Boston event pictured, right). Travel to Portland, Oregon, and San Francisco, California, was completed in April, with Professor Emerita Carol Hendrickson featured as faculty speaker. A reception in Philadelphia was held at the home of Marlboro College friends Richard and Judith Hurtig on June 5. More than 500 Marlboro alumni, parents, friends, and prospective students have participated in Marlboro on the Road since September.

Ellen McCulloch-Lovell’s final year as president presented unique philanthropic opportunities to honor her 11-year legacy. The President’s Fund for Marlboro’s Future is a special fundraising effort that unfolded during Ellen’s final year as president, to seek major gifts restricted for stated strategic purposes and thereby create a strong financial bridge for the presidential transition. Within the President’s Fund, the Ellen McCulloch-Lovell Prize in Writing will recognize achievement and promise in writing and will be awarded to an undergraduate and graduate student on alternating years. Farewell events celebrating the presidential transition have included a retirement dinner on campus on May 18 and a leadership symposium at the graduate center combined with a reception at the Brattleboro Museum and Art Center on June 20.

FY15 year-to-date comparative fundraising report as of June 8 




Gift Purpose

$1,391,835 (93%)

$1,599,368 (106%)

$1,250,682 (83%)

Unrestricted (% of annual goal)




Other, i.e., Restricted, Endowment




Total to date




   *includes three-year Foundation pledge of $825,700

Alumni Giving Reaches for Stars

As constituents with a direct link to the Marlboro experience, alumni play a key role in supporting the college’s mission—and their support is an important indicator to other donors, foundations, and prospective students. Marlboro’s current alumni giving level of 27 percent is admirable, much higher than the overall average for college alumni (under 10 percent) as well as for liberal arts college alumni (20 percent). However, Marlboro is determined to reach the even more admirable goal of 40 percent by 2018.

“This is the pinnacle of alumni giving and will reflect more accurately the loyalty and dedication of Marlboro’s alumni community,” said Kathy Waters, alumni director. “Alumni giving is a concrete way to express support for the Marlboro educational model, which alumni know better than anyone.”

Alumni donations are needed to help fund student aid, in order to ensure that the Marlboro experience is available to interested students from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. Donations also support the close collaboration with faculty that students get at Marlboro, by helping maintain the low faculty-student ratio.

“Contributions from alumni affirm that the community we built during our time here remains strong, and supports essential student financial aid, small classes, and one-to-one attention from professors that distinguishes a Marlboro education,” said Jeff Bower ’92. “Alumni donations help current and future students as they form their own lifelong bonds with the college and one another.”

“Alumni donations of any size are needed to grow the alumni giving percentage to our lofty goal of 40 percent,” said Kathy. “I recently got a small donation from an alumnus who wanted to be sure it counted towards the percentage. Kind of nice, and the answer is ‘you betcha.’”