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Scholarships at Marlboro, 2014-15

Each year scholarships funded by generous donors recognize the unique gifts that students bring to the Marlboro College community. The profiles below are followed by a complete list of scholarship recipients for the 2014-15 academic year.

“To be awarded the Christopher Boeth Scholarship was unexpected in the best of ways,” said Kendall O’Connell, who graduated in May with a Plan of Concentration in biology and writing. “It was a great motivator to keep working on Plan in those last few stretches—I felt like I needed to continue to make those donors proud and to justify their investment.” Kendall’s Plan explored ecological restoration and invasive plants, with a field study focusing on Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica) eradication, as well as eco-critical analyses of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road and Edward Abbey’s Desert Solitaire and personal essays about interactions with nature. “What excites me about biology is the sense of discovery and the necessity to tinker effectively. There’s always something new out there that is waiting to be seen or found. That’s what fuels me: the unknown.”

“As a transfer student who has experienced a number of other colleges, I can say firsthand that Marlboro is an incredibly unique institution,” said John Ivers ’16, who was awarded the M. Brenn Green Scholarship. John’s studies have focused on music, specifically composition, in the traditional Western art tradition as well as electronic and electro-acoustic pieces. “I really came to Marlboro because of the Plan process—I wanted the space and opportunity to dive deeply into my passion and produce a larger body of work than would be available at other colleges.” Although Marlboro doesn’t have the number of musicians that he would find at large conservatories, John finds the small community conducive to making quality connections with other artists and collaborating. “I will be leaving Marlboro with more experience composing and directly working with professional musicians than is offered at most undergraduate institutions.”

“Marlboro College is different from other colleges, because it gives you control over your education,” said Ivy Woodrow ’15, who was awarded the John Kenneth Galbraith Scholarship. Ivy’s Plan of Concentration focused on the use of bibliotherapy in college settings. “Bibliotherapy is an exciting area of study because I was able to study two main subjects that I am passionate about, psychology and literature, though these subjects are not often directly related.” Her Plan also included working with the Rice Aron Library and the Total Health Center to purchase books for therapeutic use. “Because I was able to make connections with the health center and library staff, I could create a bibliotherapy collaboration and collection and pass it on to future classes. This scholarship gave me the validation that my work was valued, so when I encountered doubts it was helpful to refer back to this accomplishment.”

“The close collaboration between students and faculty at Marlboro allows us to explore more broadly and deeply than might be possible and other colleges,” said Ian Hitchcock ’16, who is working on a Plan of Concentration in human ecology and environmental history. “I am excited to conduct original historical research, and to see what lessons can be applied to contemporary attempts to regulate carbon pollution contributing to global warming.” Ian was awarded the Jean Crosby Markham Scholarship, which recognizes a student’s “grit and determination.” “Since I have struggled with a variety of personal challenges beyond my academic life at Marlboro, I was grateful that my attempts to persevere in pursuing my degree have been recognized in this way,” said Ian. “Receiving this scholarship helped strengthen my resolve to continue in my academic pursuits while overcoming other obstacles that have arisen.”


The George I. Alden Trust supports two scholarships given annually, one to an older student who has returned to school and the other to a student who shows promise of excellence in the natural sciences. Krystal Graybeal (older student), Jonathan Earle (natural sciences)                       

The Robert Sheldon Stainton Scholarship is awarded annually to an upper-class student for academic achievement and community service. Aidan Keeva

The Warren R. Sisson Scholarship is awarded annually to an upper-class student for academic achievement and community service. Thomas Arsenault

M. Brenn Greene Scholarships are awarded through the generosity of the late trustee, Brenn Greene. John Ivers, Jacob Morely, Felix Jarrar, Anna Goren

Thomas Thompson Trust Scholarships are awarded to full-time students for academic achievement who are Windham County residents. Felicia-Jean Wyman, Dakota Walsh, Kathleen Mackin, Thomas Arsenault

Christopher Boeth Scholarships are given to juniors or seniors whose Plans of Concentration are in the field of literature or writing, and who have demonstrated a gift for and an appreciation of the usage of language. Christian Lampart, Phoebe Lumley, Anna Blackburn, Kendall O’Connell

The Jean Crosby Markham Scholarship is given to a junior or senior who best exemplifies the grit and determination needed to complete his or her education. Ian Hitchcock     

Lillian Farber Scholarships are given to juniors or seniors whose Plans of Concentration demonstrate a passion for social justice. Clair Maleney, Claire Trail, Joseph Persio, Ian Hitchcock, Mary Gilmore

The Agnes M. Lindsay Trust Scholarship is given annually to students from New England towns with populations of under 15,000. Claire Trail, Cassandra Anderson, Eve Moeykens-Arballo

The Wolf Kahn Scholarship is awarded annually to juniors or seniors who demonstrate talent in the visual arts. Naji Pride

The Windham Community Scholarships are awarded annually to freshmen or sophomores from Vermont who in the opinion of the faculty demonstrate exceptional potential for upper-level academic work. Two or more scholarships are awarded. Samuel Amber, Cait Mazzarella, Olivia Palermo, Luke Becker-Lowe

The John Kenneth Galbraith Scholarship is awarded annually to a student who shows the promise of excellence in the fields of literature, economics, or social policy. Ivy Woodrow