The Marlboro Record

Marlboro Welcomes Interim Chief Development Officer

Molly Fannon Williams joined Marlboro College as interim chief development officer in June, filling a key role during President Ellen McCulloch-Lovell’s final year. Molly has deftly taking on responsibility for leading the development office, working with Ellen with major donors, planning for the President’s Fund for Marlboro’s Future initiative, and supporting the trustees in their advancement activities. She has served as assistant development director at Skidmore College, director of regional campaigns for Wellesley College, director of donor and volunteer relations for Brown University, and vice-president for institutional advancement and executive director of the foundation at Bridgewater State University.

“Many colleges claim to be unique, but Marlboro truly is,” said Molly. “What an adventure to find myself in this strong community that is centered around self governance, self-directed education, and simple but progressive values.” With six months under her belt already, Molly has worked with the campus community on a variety of communications and events, including Family Day and kicking off our Marlboro on the Road series in New York City. “To partner with Ellen in the culminating year of her presidency is especially appealing to me as a professional. We have an exciting opportunity this year to celebrate Ellen's legacy and to usher in a strong, stable future for Marlboro College.”