The Marlboro Record

Mellon Grant Brings Digital Arts to Life

Digital artist Catherine Siller presenting her work last yearA recent year-long study of the arts at Marlboro College, supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, identified a curricular gap in the area of digital media and provided for two arts fellows to help fill that gap. Now Marlboro is pleased to announce additional support from the Mellon Foundation to recruit two additional fellows skilled in the digital arts, each for one semester, to share their gifts with students and help faculty continue to build the curriculum in this area.

“The digital arts field is developing rapidly and creatively, and is widely considered an important part of arts curriculum in higher education today,” said Tim Segar, professor of sculpture and principal investigator for this grant. “The arts curricular study identified an urgent need for arts faculty to upgrade the digital content in their curricula to keep current with the changing state of their disciplines, and to improve their knowledge of theory and practice regarding the use of digital media.” 

Previous Mellon grants already supported the hiring of two fellows, Catherine Siller, a digital artist with a performance and dance focus, and Megan Mitchell, a ceramic artist with a focus on the interaction of surface and form. The presence of the visiting fellows on campus brought new and current perspectives in the arts, and enlivened the discussions with other faculty and students. Cooperation and creativity among the arts faculty were enhanced during their visit, and the concurrent study, and important curricular planning directions took root.

The current grant will provide for a rotating guest artist fellowship in the coming year. The first fellow will be focused on digital sound, an area deemed to be in need of more expertise, and the second will focus on digital design and architecture. Each Fellow will teach courses, exhibit his or her own art as appropriate, and act as an advisor with digital arts expertise to other arts faculty at Marlboro.

“The fellows’ areas of focus will invite new direction for student practice and study, and will add further dimension to the already rich array of arts offerings on the Marlboro campus and in the surrounding community,” said Tim.