The Marlboro Record

Fundraising Report

Marlboro College was the recipient of more than 2,000 gifts during the fiscal year 2014, between July 2013 and June 2014. The majority of these contributions were directed toward the college’s Annual Fund, which provides critically needed support directly to the operating budget. Throughout the fiscal year, these gifts helped the college provide necessary financial aid to students and salary support for dedicated faculty and staff. In addition, contributions assisted in the purchase of materials related to teaching and learning, such as library acquisitions and technological equipment, and covered many other important expenses related to the everyday operations of Marlboro College.

Other important philanthropic gifts in FY14 were restricted to the college’s endowment, which recently topped $40 million. Impressive for a college of Marlboro’s size, this endowment level positions Marlboro among the nation’s colleges with the highest endowment-to-student ratio.  Endowed funds may be designated for scholarships, faculty research or travel, and educational initiatives such as international travel experiences or intensive research projects for students and faculty. 

Total gifts to Marlboro in FY14 reached an all-time high of $6,179,679. The total for unrestricted funds was $1,5459,210, a figure that has grown and exceeds our goals every year. We are deeply grateful for the confidence and support of all our donors who play an important role in the ongoing financial health and stability of Marlboro College.