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Powerful Gifts: The Alumni Trustees Challenge

Alumni trustees Marta Willgoose '01 and Bobbi Hahn '91In fiscal year 2014, ten alumni from our board of trustees pledged to supplement each gift made to the Marlboro College Annual Fund by new or returning alumni donors, regardless of amount, with an additional $100. The goal of 100 gifts was far surpassed, with 157 eligible alumni donations totaling $9,514. Those donations were supplemented by the trustee pledge with an additional $15,700.

As importantly, the alumni giving percentage reached 27 percent, an increase of 3 percent over last year, which we consider to be significant progress. Marlboro’s alumni giving percentage is essential to the college: the more alumni who give, the more Marlboro can leverage that support in pursuit of major gifts, foundation grants, and awards. The success of the Alumni Trustee Challenge has already proven to be important in encouraging our major donors to continue their support for the college.

Alumni contributions also serve as a testimonial of support, affirming and demonstrating the value of a Marlboro education. Parents of prospective students, in particular, often consider the alumni giving percentage as an important factor in choosing a college. Marlboro’s Alumni Trustee Challenge was the first step in a multi-year effort to reach 40 percent alumni giving, which would place Marlboro in the top tier of alumni participation among peer institutions.

Thank you to alumni trustees:

John Chan ’82 • Dena Davis ’72 • Gretchen Holbrook Gerzina ’72 • Elizabeth Doyle Glenshaw ’81 • Bobbi Hahn ’91 • Peter Mallary ’76 • Kirsten Newcomer ’82 • Dean Nicyper ’76 • Marta Willgoose ’01 • Peter Zamore ’74